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This is the login page of the Interactive Learning Toolkit (ILT), part of the ILT-BQ software package. The Interactive Learning Tollkit helps you implement innovative teaching ideas, such as Peer Instruction and Just-in-Time-Teaching, and to monitor your students' learning. Our goal is to help you focus on teaching by streamlining the organizational work that accompanies the teaching of a course. Select materials for class use from a large class-tested database and organize (and possibly share) your own materials. Administer your courses, design course Web pages, and interact with your students online.

The BQ part of the ILT-BQ software, enables students to respond to in-class questions prepared by the instructor, via networked desktop, laptop computers, web enabled cell phones, wireless PDAs, and/or wireless IR keypads.

The ILT-BQ software allows to upload ConceptTests prepared within the ILT to BQ and to return the student responses to the ILT for statistical analysis of the data and the tracking of individual student performance.

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